Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Josh's Mission Dec 15 2014

my dear family!

I can't believe that Kami is home already, it feels like yesterday that she was leaving. that's great that Kandice did well! Kalib Brandley?? he's getting his eagle, that's awesome!

that sounds like a really great Christmas Program. :) that's way cool that there was a few different faiths there, that would be really neat.

this week, we had a Christmas Party for our ward, which was really good, we sang it with the ward mission :) it was great :) and we ate loads of food, it was great!

So, to start off, I love Christmas!!! it's just such a great time of year! I was thinking of all the great traditions that we have :) I just love the feeling of this time of year. :) yesterday in Church I was just thinking of how special it is to know that we have a a Savior who loves us. the Church has a great new video about seeing Christ in the acts of service that we give. it's called the old shoe maker.

I love that when we are trying to do all that we can for each other that we are helping the Savior. We have been going caroling as a ward mission, and it's been really awesome to see the effect that it has on people. :) the Christmas spirit just opens peoples hearts, when we get right down to the real reason for Christmas, it's a wonderful time of year. :)

Linda is doing well, she was a little sick this week, but the ward is just welcoming her and trying to help as much as possible. She is really enjoying everything so far :) then we were really blessed to find a lady named Tammie. She is going through a lot of really hard things right now and it was really a miracle that we found her. We had been trying to see a few people in these apartments and happened to be leaving when Tammie and a member from another ward were coming in. :) it was sweet!

oh and on saturday we had a huge miracle happen in our Zone, there was a baptism in the YSA ward here. Marco is his name, he orginally wasn't going to be baptized for a couple weeks, but he is going out of town and so he decided to be baptized this week, and then in the next couple of weeks, there are a few people who will be baptized which a really amazing Christmas miracle.

We have some plans to take a couple of Christmas Pictures, so I'll send some to you.

Please know that I love you and that i really appreciate everything that you do! thank you so much for your love and prayers! I pray that all is well. I know that our Savior loves us and that he was born and still lives!!!

ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

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