Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Josh's Mission Letter Dec 29 2014

We had a wonderful video chat with Elder B!!  It was great to see him!!  To laugh with him, talk to him and cry with him!!  He is a good man and such a great missionary!!

Salut Family!

it was so wonderful to talk to and to see you. :) I'm really glad that we are able to so that. When I finished and went in to the other room, everyone asked "are you crying??" so now all the Crawfords know of the Broadbent blessing :) It's such a wonderful blessing to have our wonderful family. Constantly I am reminding of Heavenly father's purpose and goal for each of us, to live with him and to be a part of His eternal family, and I'm grateful that we are able to have a little taste of that here. The gospel is so special that way. When we live the Commandments Heavenly Father has given us, we are blessed with a glimpse of what we have to look forward to.

This week, was wonderful. We were really blessed to see Tammie quite a few times. I don't know if I've really told you about her yet, it's only been about 2 weeks that we've been teaching her. Tammie just moved to Iowa City, she left her family, because her boyfriend was not very good. She is working and trying to find a place to live. She is so accepting. we talked about the Plan of Salvation and she just ate it up. She loved the truth that we lived with Heavenly father before we came to earth and that we would return to Him one day, if we choose to. 

We are still working with Linda, but she didn't come to church yesterday. She had family over for Christmas and we got to meet her kids so that was really great! 

We also were finally able to meet with Erick, a guy from the Congo. And we learned a couple more things in French. He was trying to teach us some commen phrases (if I miss spell these, sorry), like pas de souci -which means no worries- and a couple others i can't remember. it was great to teach him. Erick is so humble and he loves the gospel, he said that he really believed Joseph Smith is a prophet, and we got him talking to a missionary who speaks french on mormon.org


thank you so much for your love support and especially your prayers. I love you and I hope that you have a happy new year! talk to you next year!!

ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

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