Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MTC Feb 22, 2012

Hello Hello!
It is always so good to hear all the happenings at home and to hear about the tender mercies of the Lord!  We are SO blessed! 
Այս շաբատ մենկ սովորել էնկ աղոթկի մասին: (ice sha pot menk sovorel enk aghotkee maseen) This week we have learn about prayer.  And the doctrine of prayer.  We spent time studying it and discussing it in class and then Brother Carlson asked us to study and ponder it some more for the next class period.  We mostly talked about the "Why."  Why do we pray?  Brother Carlson helped us dig deep and find within ourselves why we pray personally and then we studied Enos 1:1-12 and discussed everything that Enos learns about God while he is praying.  In the end, we concluded that we pray so we can know God, know his characteristics, and know how to become like Him, since that is our goal.  It's so hard to explain how strong the spirit was as we all told what was really in our heart.  Yes, we pray to receive revelation and guidance; we pray because we love our Father and we know He loves us; we pray because we're told to; and there are many more reasons.  I just think it makes perfect sense that we pray to learn about Him and from Him-since ultimately we want to be like Him.
Pres. Brown (the MTC pres) spoke on Sunday-about the hard work and practice we put in, in order to be successful in whatever we do-like playing instruments, or singing, etc.  He applied it to missionary work-how we have to put in the time and practice in order to become better; we also must work hard-we can put in all the time we want, but if we aren't working hard at it, then are we really progressing?  I am continually amazed at how much I learn daily!
I'm not sure if I told you, but we got a new comp (sort of) this last week.  Sis. Gallacher is a solo sister, but she is assigned to us for times when she needs a comp.  She and one elder (Elder Bergeson) are going to the Baltic mission learning Latvian.  We also have 2 elders who are going to the Baltic mission learning Lithuanian.  Our classes are all right next to each other, so we've all become close rather quickly-the three of us sisters always get a good laugh at the Elders and their interactions-they keep us on our toes :)
I'm also not sure if I told you about Armenia-we won't get to knock doors or proselyte in anyway (I think I told you that part) and in order for an investigator to be baptized they have to attend church at least 5 times and be keeping the word of wisdom for at least 2 weeks (as well as other commandments, etc) Whereas, Sis. Bobzien said that when her boyfriend was in Brazil they could baptize that week, or the day they committed-as long as they had the appropriate permission to.  So crazy!  But I know the Lord adjusts depending on the needs of the people! 
We'll be studying how to receive revelation through the Book of Mormon this next week-will you study it some too, and let me know your thoughts?  I would love to hear what you think!
I don't have much time left so, just want to let you know-I love you all!  I am so grateful for all you do and for the strength I feel from you!  I know, and am coming to know better that Jesus Christ truly is our Savior!  He loves us SO much!  And our Heavenly Father and Christ provide so many tender mercies for us because they want us to be happy!
Սիրում էմ ձեզ: ես գիտեմ որ Հիսուս Քրիսթոսը մեր պերկիչն է:
I don't have time to translate the rest :( Sorry!
Love you!
Sis. Broadbent

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