Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8, 2012

Barev dzez eem untaneek! (This means Hello, my family! I would type it in Armenian, however, I don't know what keys will type what letters...not a good thing :)) 
It sounds like this last weekend was great!  I love it when the apostles let you do the teaching! They are so wonderful!
So my week was overwhelming, to say the least! Our first night of classes our teachers, Brother White and Brother Carlson, started straight into Armenian, no English whatsoever, and we learned the alphabet.  The language is SO intense!  It's kind of nice though, because they have letters that represent that sounds we have when we combine letters, like the sh and ch sounds.  There are several other sounds that have that gutteral sound in your throat that are a challenge for me to make.  Up until Sunday, my throat hurt from trying to say them.  You know how I thought I was getting a cold?  It hasn't turned into much, just an occasional stuffy nose, which is a huge blessing!
My companion, Sister Bobzien is from Napa, CA and attended school at UCSD in San Diego.  She graduated this last June in some sort of conservation degree, as well as a minor in lingustics(sp?).  She also has learned French and ASL; she has been so quick picking up the language!  And she understands everything!  She is AMAZING!  We are a lot alike, especially in our relaxed and happy attitudes.  Her parents were baptized when she was 2 and they've been active on and off.  She is an only child, but you would never guess it.  I love her!  She's just so awesome!  We taught our first lesson to an "investigator" on Friday-in Armenian-or as much as we could.  Teaching has been the hardest, because there is so much we wish we could say, but can't!  Not to mention the fact that we can hardly understand what he is saying, but the Lord is truly with us.  As little as I feel I understand the language, I still feel like Heavenly Father is helping us understand him!  The gift of tongues is a blessing!  Sis. Bobzien and I are both perfectionists, so we've mostly been reading our lessons.  Yesterday, Bro. Carlson asked if Ahshote would feel more if we read or if we spoke poorly, but from the heart.  From the heart is definitely most important, but its a challenge to say what is truly in my heart, when I lack the vocabulary to do so, not to mention all of the verb tenses and noun cases-but it'll come!  I know the Lord will help!  I'm praying so hard to be able to remember and speak with the gift of tongues!
After our lesson on Friday, Sis. Bobzien broke down, she doesn't like how they've chose to teach us the language and was really struggling with it; she just wasn't happy and said she wanted to go home :( .  I think Sunday really helped!  She seems to be doing better and I pray for her constantly!
There are 3 elders with us-Elder Pack (from Logan), Elder Harrington (from San Diego), and Elder Chojnacki (from Buffalo, NY-this is pronounced Chu-neck-ee; his dad is Polish! So cool!!) They are great! It's fun to get to know them and their sense of humors-they are all so unique, but they are great at remembering what words mean!
I LOVE the feeling here! As hard as it is and as overwhelmed as I feel, I LOVE it!  I still can't believe I'm actually here though!  It still feels like a dream! 
I love you all!  Thank you so much for your prayers and love!
I really want to write my testimony in Armenian, but I'll have to figure that out for next time!  I know Christ is our Savior and it is through Him that we gain our strength and joy!  I am so grateful for that knowledge!  I know He loves us!
Love you!
Sis. Broadbent
Lots of smiles, prayers, and hugs for all of you!  :) :) :)

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