Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MTC - Feb 29, 2012

Hello, hello!
It sounds like this week was GREAT! I am VERY jealous that you were able to go to Lee''s-I would LOVE a good meal from there!  That is great that Cari's house is getting closer to being done! I'm sure she is very happy about that.  Has she found a new roommate yet?  Yay for Joe! He''ll get it on his own, soon, I can just feel it! (This keyboard keeps doing double apostrophes and I''m not going to fix it-sorry)
I feel like I have learned SO much this week! I ALWAYS feel like that!  I''m not sure where to start, so I think I''ll start with the experience that is most fresh.  Elder Holland came and spoke yesterday for our Tuesday devotional-it was կատարյալ (ka tar yal-perfect)! I LOVE Elder Holland-to be honest-I think we all do.  He talked to us a lot about the image that we are to the world-how even though the church doesn''t have an icon, if we did, it would probably be 2 missionaries walking down the street.  So we are expected to be perfect, even though we won''t be, that is what is expected.  Then he talked about how the missionary program changed with PMG-how the focus went from converting the investigator, to converting the missionary.  Because, how can we be expected to help convert others if we aren''t converted ourselves?  He spoke VERY strongly about our need to stay true to the path of the gospel AFTER our missions.  And how the experiences we have will change us, so when we get home we shouldn''t go back to how we were before our missions-we can''t afford to go back to how we were before.  He talked about how we should all think of ourselves as God''s investigators.  If we want something for our investigator-like for them to pray more sincerely, or become converted in their heart and not their head, then the Lord feels it more for us-He wants it more for us-so for us to pray more sincerely and for us to become more converted in our hearts.  SO AWESOME!  And how true it is!  Especially while we are all journeying to become better-of course our Heavenly Father wants us to pray harder, to study deeper, to ponder more, to be more open to the spirit, the list could keep going-I just had never thought of it quite like that.  Lastly, he spoke about teaching "after the manner of the spirit" Moroni 6:9 We discussed pretty openly how the spirit teaches and then he told us to personify it.  Find the qualities that the Holy Ghost possesses and personify it-we must learn to become like the spirit.
On that note, the other day in class, Brother Carlson was talking about the spirit and how the spirit works in conversion-we were discussing the role it plays as missionaries, as investigators, etc.  And he said somthing to this effect.  We are SO blessed.  We have been promised that we can have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion.  We can have a member of the Godhead ALWAYS with us.  If you were to walk into someone''s home and say, we have a member of the Godhead with us, wouldn''t you want them to feel that?  To feel the power that comes with having the Holy Ghost with you?  The Holy Ghost is so crucial-we''ve learned that more than once, expecially with our lack of language, but despite our inabilities, the Holy Ghost still testifies of truth.  Միշտ Սորբ Հոգի վկայում չշմարիտով միշտ (Always, The Holy Ghost always testifies of truth!)
I''m about out of time, but I just wanted to express how grateful I am for all of you! I can''t begin to imagine where I would be without you!  I am SO grateful for you constant love, support and prayers-for the strength you help me to have!  By the way, thanks for sending the little thing about Camryn-I''m picturing how adorable and fun she is! 
I can''t begin to express how much I love this gospel!  I know it is true!  The Lord has given us so much and asks for so little in return!  I know Jesus Christ is our Savior-He lifts us and cleanses us through all that we do-and He loves us-so much!  
Love you all!  I hope your week is a fantastic one!
Love, Sister Broadbent
ps-Will you study the attributes of the Holy Ghost and send me what you find-and some scripture references to go with it?  Love you! 

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