Thursday, February 16, 2012

MTC - Feb 16, 2012

բարեվ ծէզ: (Barev dzez-Hello all of you!)
In case you didn't notice I figured out how to type in հայրէն (hiren-Armenian) I still can't figure out why we call it Armenia-it actually sounds more like Hi-a-stan.  Weird.  Not that it matters.
I hope everything is going well at home-is Joseph reading more? 
շնորհակալություն (shnor-haka-lootz-yoon-this means thank you, although technically thankfulness-I LOVE saying it, its so fun-and all the other missionaries think we are speaking gibberish :)) for the birthday wishes and package! The Elders loved all the candy you sent, although I think they are on an overload of sweets.  Sis. Bobzien also said to say thank you!  You are the best-ever!  After everyone sang to me in class, Brother White went off saying all of these things armenians say, like good health, long life, stuff like that.  I did learn that in Armenian you don't say happy birthday, but congratulations on your birthday or congratulations on your birth.  Something of the sort.  Different, but I've come to learn from our teachers that the people are very loving and curious, so it makes it pretty easy for them to ask about the gospel.  We are not allowed to proselyte(sp?).  Any conversation about the gospel has to be brought up by them, but all 3 of our teachers said that the people are often amazed that Americans speak Armenian, or that we are there of our own choice, because most people in Armenia want to get out.  As soon as they ask why we are there or how we know Armenian, we can start talking about the gospel-since it is the reason why we are there and why we speak the language.
We've talked a lot this week about the doctrine of Christ and how and why it is applicable to people.  So what do you think?  Why is the doctrine important?  Why do we invite people to come to Christ?  How is the message that we share important for them?  I'm also learning to do EVERYTHING for the investigators.  There are so many times that I just want to learn whatever words I can, but the only ones that really matter are the ones we need to teach.  Plus all of our personal study is spent preparing for them.  I am continually amazed at how much our Heavenly Father love ALL of us!  And I am constantly in awe of the strength and peace He provides!  
I'm running out of time, but make sure Beth, Cari, and Kris know how grateful I am for their notes!  I'll try to write them back if I can, but I'm not sure if we'll have time.  We are getting a new sister in our branch today that will be going to Latvia, but there is only one sister and one elder, so the MTC is kind of assigning her to us, since our schedules are identical and we are right by each other.  It should be great!  
ես գիտեմ որ Հէսուս Թրիստոսի մէր պերկիչն է և ես գիտեմ որ սիրում է մեզ I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know that He loves us! 
Love you all!  Have a fantastic week!

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