Monday, April 15, 2013

Mary's Mission 15 April 2013

Barev Family!!

I have to start by saying, I love this gospel! After being uplifted and reminded of many things during zone conference and after being fed by our prophet and apostles, I want to testify that I know this is truly the Gospel of Jesus Christ and He is the head of our church.  We met a man on Friday that we talked with, he adamantly refused to believe that there could be a living prophet or apostles and told us we were being deceived for believing such a thing.  After listening to our beloved prophet and apostles, my testimony was strengthened yet again.  I know Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God and that he receives revelation in behalf of the entire world, as do the Apostles.  How can it not be true?  We are blessed beyond measure. It was kind of neat as we watched conference and as I thought about some of the questons I had as well as what Patriarch Newinshwander talked about, I felt very strongly that while, yes, I am here to share the gospel (which I love doing) I am here to learn to be a better mom, especially since family is most important.  I hope I'm learning it...and becoming.  Like you said, conference was WONDERFUL!! I love it!  We watched 4 hours on Saturday and 4 more on Sunday, with a small break in between.  One of our investigators loved it, a lot-which is perfect!  We talked with most of our investigators about praying about President Monson, to know if he is God's prophet.  Even if we already know, it never hurts to strengthen that testimony.  Will you each pray about President Monson?  You will be strengthened and blessed as you live his teachings.  I know he speaks with God in our behalf and I know he speaks God's word.

As we met with Hasmik this week we had a pretty neat experience.  She has read through all of 2 Nephi and she was talking about how much she loved chapter 25.  She said she asked her daughter to read some of those chapters and she said that as she reads, she sometimes just stops and asks her family to listen because she just loves it so much.  She told us that she just wants them to read and feel what she is.  She has tasted the sweetness of the gospel and wants to share it so badly.  It is amazing to see a living Lehi in our midst.

Valodia is doing ok.  We don't know how to help him, he is already on his 15th day of not smoking, but it is still hard.  He refuses to accept help, he thinks he has to do it alone and it just hurts so much, because I know that our Savior does not want him or expect him to do it alone, if he will only accept the help the Savior offers.  How do we help him come to understand this great truth?

I CANNOT wait to hear where both Kami and Josh are going!! I'm not sure I can wait! I might burst before I find out! I keep telling people that maybe Josh will come here, since I already have name tags that say Elder Broadbent.  Plus, what could be better than to always have someone to speak Armenian with?  Wherever he goes, I know it's where the Lord wants him to be.

Well family, I love you all! I hope you all have a great springy week, full of smiles and sunshine! And I hope you constantly remember how the Lord is watching over each of you! I know He is and I know He loves you! 

Metz sirov,

Quyr Broadbent  

Mary & Sister Ledingham

A couple of pictures of members in the ward in Yeravan.

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