Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mary's Mission 8 April 2013

Barev im sireliner!

Oh how I always look forward to your emails! I always feel so uplifted and so strengthened by you! I can truly feel your prayers! It's so interesting, because here we had a fantastic week and yet somehow I still needed your strength.  Thank you for being so wonderful! I told President Carter last week that it's so strange, because tears come so much easier now than they ever have before (I guess I'm beginning to learn from Dad). And as I read your letter, even though there wasn't anything terribly moving and I wasn't feeling a need for a boost, I got tears in my eyes.  I love you family! I will be forever grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful family!  Be sure to tell Brian and Becky congratulations-it is so good to hear about how they were able to be sealed to Gabe.  They are doing wonderful things and changing lives! 

Just a bit of news-President Carter said that along with what has come from the missionary department we are allowed to accept emails and email those who aren't family. (for those of you who would like to email Mary - her email address is mary.broadbent@myldsmail.net)

We haven't been able to watch conference yet, we'll be watching it on Saturday and Sunday and I am super excited! We heard one of our english members listening to some of it yesterday and I just became so anxious to watch it! I can't wait because I know it'll be great! 

We have an investigator we just started teaching and she is wonderful!  She has accepted to be baptized the beginning of May, has already read more than half of 1 Nephi, and is already calling herself a member.  She was telling us during one of our lessons how she has met several of our members and felt really good about the church.  Then a few months ago she was on a marshutni and heard a couple of people talking about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  At that time she felt that is what she was searching for and that she needed to become apart of the church, and now here she is already making so much progress!  Truly, the Lord prepares people for the gospel! Our examples, actions, and words can leave huge impressions on people and change their lives, even though we may have no idea that such a thing took place.  I know the Lord works through us! Who we are is so important!  Our example speaks so loud!  It is a miracle and I feel so blessed to be a small part of it!  What can we each do to be a better example to those around us?

The last couple of weeks I've been watching one of the trees outside our apartment come to life, it's been so neat to see the small, daily progress and to see how much it's changed in the last couple of weeks.  I've loved watching is as each branch slowly bloomed, and then had the blossoms fall and the leaves start to appear and grow.  I feel the tree is much like us-we change ever so subtly, often so little at a time that we don't notice until years later, but if we are observant, we will notice our growth in the small things.  More importantly, we can always remember that our Heavenly Father is so aware of our progress and growth, even if we don't notice.

I don't know what else to say, besides that I love you all and am constantly praying for you! You are the BEST!  Have a fantastic week!!  I hope all goes well and that you stay safe!

Metz Sirov

Quyr Broadbent

I would love to send pictures, but sadly, our internet place doesn't have any places for USB.  I guess we'll just have to wait.  Also, can't wait to hear where Josh will be going!! :)  

Just a bit I read this morning, some food for thought, how are we doing?  Mosiah 4:15-26

Love you!

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