Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Josh's Mission March 16 2015

Hello Family!!

First, I just have to say, thank you so much for your love!! Dad, when I read that last bit that mom wrote at the end about you sending hugs, it just really hit me how grateful I am for the love that is felt across all distance, it means the world to me, thank you. 

that's a really powerful story about the leper colony as well, I love that it shows how powerful the sacrament can be. it can definitely be a time of great change, when we remember the covenants we've made and repent and do better. it's been a really great week for that!

 I've been thinking a lot about the things that I have done in my life and especially in my mission, and I've been trying to look forward to what I still want to do. I've also realized how good Satan can be a getting us down, but that when we turn to Heavenly Father and have Faith in Jesus Christ and the Atonement everything will be alright. Yesterday we taught a lesson in gospel principles class (which always reminds me of the blessing that it was to teach that class before my mission) about Faith, and something just kind of clicked to me and it's been on my mind a lot. Faith in Jesus Christ is the center of our everything that we do. Having that Faith guide us. When we follow our Savior and repent, everything will be well in the end, as we do press forward in the end. Repentance can be hard, but it is in the end, the easier way. When have Faith and strive to always exercise it, we will grow. Like when we work out our Physical body, and exercise our muscles, it can hurt. We get really sore and tired, but as we continue to work out and get stronger we are able to do harder things and work out better and pretty soon that things that seemed hard at the beginning are not very difficult. So it is with our Spiritual Body. Exercising our faith and turning everything over to Heavenly Father can be very hard. it can hurt sometimes. sometimes we get very sore and we get tired, because our sins can weigh us down. Working out our faith can be very hard, but as we grow and continue to work with Jesus Christ, we are strengthened. We are able to do harder things and we meet trials with hope and happiness. it's not an easy process but it does get easier. I've also realized that it won't necessarily get easier right away, or maybe not even in this life, but keeping an eternal perspective is essential. I'm not very good at it, but that's just something that I realized this week. Fully repenting (which means turning everything over to Heavenly Father) is hard, it's a process that takes time, but it is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Which kind of leads in to our week. Things have been going really well. the past week has been a huge growing time for me though, just trying to more fully put my faith in Jesus Christ and not in myself. We've done a lot of finding, knocking doors, and talking to people. The Weather has been so nice so we've been out and about just trying to find people to teach. It seems like everyone that we are finding or talking to, just is too busy or they are really comfortable with where they are at. I know that the Lord will lead us to His children who need the gospel, sometimes it just takes longer for us to find them. We are trying to work with our ward members better and be a resource for them to use, that's something that we've thought a lot about as well, is just that as members of the Church we are called to do Heavenly Father's work. everything that we do in the church is towards the end that we all reach the celestial Kingdom and Bring as many of our brothers and sisters with us. As missionaries we are called to help the members of the church specifically to bring people to the waters of baptism, we are to help them with the work of Salvation that we all have a responsibility to be a part of. It's such a wonderful blessing to be a part of that!!

again, I am grateful for your love and you support! I  really appreciate your prayers and for all of your help. it's really amazing to see the Love that Heavenly father has for His children and I know that as we come closer to Heavenly Father we will be able to see how the gospel has blessed us and we need to share that with others,
I love you!! and I hope and pray that all is well. 

ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

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