Monday, March 9, 2015

Josh's Mission March 9 2015

Dear Family! it's been a super great week! wow, the Lord blessed us so much!! we had a great meeting with all of the Mission Leadership in the mission, then an awesome meeting with our zone, Saturday there were 2 baptisms in the Zone (an awesome Nepalese family), our zone is doing such great work with the help of the lord and then on Saturday we met a lady named E who came to church and is looking for a church, so that was really sweet!!

It's so wonderful to see the work of the Lord go forward no matter what happens. Something that I've been thinking about is from a quote that I heard at church. We can't afford to stick our heads in the ground and wait around for things to happen, we have to raise above the smog and see through the trials and make the Lord's work go forward. I know that is so true! 

So at our MLC meeting we talked about the need to get back to the basics of the gospel and really learn, live, love, the doctrinal foundations that have been restored. It's so important to remember the restoration of the gospel and how wonderful it is to know that we have a Loving Heavenly Father who really knows us personally and individually. I love in the Restoration, who the very first thing that Heavenly Father said to Joseph Smith, is "Joseph..." He knew him personally by name and He knew exactly what Joseph needed to do. that was just something that really stood out to me. Something that also really stood out to me yesterday at church, from a talk, is that a huge purpose that Jesus Christ had in coming to the earth when He was born was to reveal the divine and loving nature of Heavenly father. it's so powerful to me that as we look to our Savior for His example, the we see that He did everything that the Father would have Him do.  

that is so great to hear that there was some snow!

Ward conference sounds like it was awesome!! that's such a great story, agency can definitely be a huge obstacle , but it' such a blessing as well. It's so wonderful when someone that we meets accepts to learn more about the gospel, but then it just breaks your heart when our brothers and sisters don't accept it. but I know that it's all a part of Heavenly father's plan. Something that I realized this morning is just how essential the Atonement is, to the Plan of Salvation. a thought that I had was, when we learn about the Restoration, we understand that the POS (plan of salvation) revolves around the DOC (Doctrine of Christ). 

thank you so much for everything!! I really appreciate your love, prayers, and support. I know that everything happens for a reason. I love you and I hope and pray that all is well!!

ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

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